Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2013 Happenings

This year at Sycamore Springs Farm, we have been busy with many different projects.  Of course time is never enough. :) However, our kids have helped in many ways. 
One of our projects was to add a buck barn.  It is now housing four adult bucks and four buckling's.  It freed up space for our doe barn.  Also, we added three kidding pens and did some insulation.  This next Spring, we are going to add another addition to the doe barn.      
We have added several additional goats to our herd this year and are very thankful.  Some of them are: Olson Acres "CM Phoebe Buffet 2*M AR 2*D AR,  Fall Creek Lady Godiva, Flat Rocks "Mustang Sally, Kaapio Acre's "SY Chalupa, Flat Rocks "Tennessee, and Bannerfield Farm "Ahnna Lea.
305 DHIR Milk Day Testing--A huge thank you to Stephanie and Josh King for being our milk testers this year.  We have completed our first ADGA and AGS testing.  There were several goats that received milk stars and AR status.  *One of the exciting accomplishments was Little Maple Farm Rosie* She milked over 49lbs. of butterfat and over 738lbs in milk and is still milking.  Rosie has qualified for the ANDDA 2013 Sue Rucker JuJu Bronze Award.  We are very proud of her.  It is our hope that we will get to retain our first doeling later in 2014 when she kids.  Our goal is to continue yearly milk testing for 2014.     
Show Ring--One of our biggest accomplishments, is Mardi Gras (our oldest buck) obtained his MCH/CH in ADGA and AGS.  Plus: one leg in NDGA.  We were thrilled and excited to have our first Nigerian Dwarf goat finish in the show ring.  Also, our doe's did well in the show ring.  CapraKoza AG "Confessions 5*D AR 2*M AR--won Grand and Reserve Champion in NDGA, Sycamore Springs Jasmine--won Grand Champion in ADGA and  AGS, Reserve Champion in NDGA, Sycamore Springs AM Blessings--won Grand and Reserve Champion in ADGA, Sycamore Springs AM Miracle--won Reserve Champion in ADGA.
One of our decisions made regarding the farm was to sell our American Guinea sow and boar.  Although, the meat was good we just felt over extended and grain prices to high.   

Our upcoming plan is to participate in our first Linear Appraisal.  The goats will be evaluated on conformation.  We are excited to participate. :)       

In 2013, the final tally of goat kids born on the farm is forty-five.  We had twenty girls and twenty-five boys.  Our farm retained seven girls.

Friday, July 19, 2013


     Things around the farm have been very busy.  We decided to sell out of American Guinea Hogs.  So Bonnie and Clyde are gone.  However, we did keep two piglets for meat.  The amount of money that it cost to feed them, out weighs the benefit of the meat.  Next year, we are hoping to get a beef and grow it up for meat.

     Our breeding season so far has given us thirty-one kids--
Boys: twenty, Girls: eleven.  We retained four doelings-Sycamore Springs SM Miracle, Sycamore Springs SM Miracle, Sycamore Springs MB Eve, and Sycamore Springs Oxy Bella.  

     We have already enjoyed food out of the garden this year: green beans, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, potatoes, broccoli, cabbage and onions.

     Our show schedule: September 7-8th--we will be going to the Fort Wayne, Indiana show.  It is sanctioned ADGA, AGS, NDGA.  Our bucks and Does/Doelings will be going.  We are looking forward to this show.  It is sanctioned ADGA.  September 21-22--we will be going to the Washington, Indiana.  *Bucks on September 21st, ?Possible Doe/Doelings on 22nd*. 

     The next kidding due is: Dragonfly T Sunflower and Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras.  We will definitely be retaining a doeling.

     We have several goats for sale if interested, check out our for sale page.  Discounts are offered for multiple purchases. 

Buckling *S *B $200.00
Buckling *B $300.00
For Sale After Kidding Doe $250.00
Doe $300.00
Buckling *S *B $225.00

Happenings at Sycamore Springs Farm   

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happens Around The Farm


     Well as you can guess we have been busy with kidding season.  So far we have had twenty-eight goat kids, with eleven of them being doelings and seventeen bucklings.  Our farm retained (kept) five doelings and two bucklings.  *We do have some buckling (wethers) available if interested* Here are a couple of them. $100.00 each or $300.00 as Bucks Intact. Sire: Little Tots Estate Oxytropis and Dam: Gypsy Moon J-Lo.  *We were so impressed with this breeding, that we plan to rebreed the sire and dam*

     Other news--We are looking forward to the arrival of our second American Guinea Hog piglets that are due in the next couple of weeks.  We will keep a couple of barrow's for meat for our family, but will sell the others.  Prices are: Gilt (female) $200.00, Boar (male breeding) $150.00, and a Barrow (fixed male for meat) $75.00.  They are very docile and considered a homestead small farm hog. 
Carl has planted a big part of our garden.  We will have lettuce, onions, strawberry's, cantaloupe, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, cabbage and corn.  The lettuce is already up.  We can't wait to start getting fresh vegetables.
On another note, we have been doing our DHI 305 day milk test.  These are the two new goats to star on milk testing. Windy City Acres Bambi *D and CapraKoza AG Meg's Surprise *D.  We are very excited to have several star. 
Windy City Acres Bambi

CapraKoza AB Meg's Surprise
Little Tots Estate Veronica is in the kidding pen.  At this time, we are taking reservations.  The Sire is: Little Tots Estate Oxytropis.  She received her star this past year.  Veronica is 2*DD for her milk production.  
Another Day at Sycamore Springs Farm

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Many New Additions This Season

     Our farm has been very busy with kidding season.  At this point, most of our kids have been born at night.  Our tally is nineteen kids, which included twelve boys (bucklings) and seven girls (doelings).  

These are the girls (doelings) that we have retained:
Sycamore Springs AM Blessings
Sire: Kids Corral Seq Anchor Man X CapraKoza AG Confessions *D 
Sycamore Springs "MG Midnight
Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras X Little Tots Estate Annabelle *D

Sycamore Springs MB Eve
Sire: Kaapio Acres Montego Bay X Muddy Creek RW Charmin *D

Sycamore Springs AM Miracle
Sire: Kids Corral Seq Anchor Man X CapraKoza AG Confessions 5*D  

These are the boys (bucklings) that we are keeping:

Sycamore Springs Branson (Wether)
Sire: Kids Corral Seq Anchor Man X Dragonfly Farm G Hayley  
Sycamore Springs Fire Cracker
Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras X Little Maple Farm Rosie *D
*At this time, we only have three bucklings for sale.  All the doe's are sold*

Update--We started our DHIR 305 day milk test.  The testing  started in January and we are pleased to announce that all four of our doe's have earned their *D with AGS and pending with ADGA.  

1.  CapraKoza AG Confessions 5*D
2.  Muddy Creek RW Charmin *D
3.  Little Tots Estate Annabelle *D
4.  Little Maple Farm Rosie *D

Some people have asked why do you do this testing? Well simply it is because we want to be able to judge our herd by milk production, butterfat, and protein levels.  We feed our goats the best possible feed (ADM), mixed minerals and Alfalfa hay.  Everytime the test is done, we gain valuable information that is needed to make our herd better.  Our doe's earn stars based on the percentage of butterfat and milk production.  The kids born to these doe's ultimately are better proven quality for milk production. 

Another Day at Sycamore Springs Farm

Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Kid Additions

     Since our last post, we have added additional goat kids to our herd.  Little Maple Farm Rosie had triplet bucks with Sire: Lost Valley Z Mardi Gras.  One has been sold and two are available.  One has blue eyes and the other one has orange spots.  All of them are very nice and will make a great herdsire.  Little Maple Farm Rosie is on our 305 DHI milk test and unofficially may have starred.  We are so excited.  All her bucks are really nice.  I am trying to tell myself you do not need another one, you do not need another one.  My husband hopes that I don't. LOL 
Our last two bucklings.  You can see them at: on the for sale page. 

Friday, December 28, 2012


     I wanted to update you since our last blog.  Our little bottle baby is doing good and is gaining weight.  We have now named him Sycamore Springs Branson.  Branson is still living at our home as a bottle baby and is eight days old.  Unfortunately, after a couple of attempts he has not been able to maintain his temperature in the barn.  Branson has a sweet personality and is a gift from God.  This is Branson:

Sycamore Springs Branson

Breeding--some breeders pen breed, which means leaving the doe with the buck for a certain amount of time.  Other breeders put the doe and buck together for a one time breeding.  Well this year, we bred both ways.  There are positives and negatives either way. At this time, we have two more doe's that are pregnant and due in December.  

Little Maple Farm Rosie

Muddy Creek RW Charmin

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The bottle baby

     Today has been a long day.  This morning started off with our smallest goat not doing very well.  In fact, he was almost dead.  As a result, we had to do interventions to help him.  Even doing this, there is no guarantee! 

      His body temperature was extremely low.  *The trick that I have learned is that you check the gums and outer lips* If they are cold then his body temperature is too low.  Sometimes, you don’t have time to take a temperature and this is a quick reference.  So I had to get his temperature up.  We put him between two bean bags (that you can warm up) and wrapped him in a thick towel.  Then I blew a warm hair dryer back and forth in the blanket. 
     At this point he was still too weak to suck.  So I put a tube down his throat to his stomach and gave him kick start (electrolytes) about 5 to 10 cc.  Of course, this was really a family affair.  Each one of us had a role in this procedure to help him.  It took about two hours for us to really see a slight change. 

     The next time he was tubed, we gave him  ½ colostrum and ½ kick start (electrolytes).  Again we started seeing improvement and the temperature was better with only having to warm the bean bags up every other hour.  The third time we tubed him he was not happy and fighting it, so we started giving him a bottle of colostrum.  He took off drinking two ounces without any difficulties.  So every two hours we offered a bottle and he drank two ounces each time.  Early this evening, he drank three ounces and his temperature is stable with no bean bags needed.  So where do we go from here? Well it looks like we might have a bottle baby.
Sycamore Springs Buckling

Carl and the buckling